Crypto Underground


What started as a solitary venture quickly evolved into a collaborative effort, as a few like-minded enthusiasts – or ‘frens’, as we fondly call them – joined in.


Late 2021 marked the birth of Crypto Underground, a collaborative venture among blockchain enthusiasts, or ‘frens,’ to explore uncharted territories in the Ethereum blockchain. Their journey, driven by curiosity and a motto “We See the Unseen,” led them to blend machine learning with Ethereum, uncovering patterns and insights previously obscured.


Total Supply: 999,999,999,999,999 tokens.
Already Burned: 511 trillion tokens (51.1% of total supply).
Fees provide access to data analytical calls made without human bias.

Holding 100 billion tokens grants access to exclusive data.

Project’s Unique Features
  • An automated, sophisticated bot for unbiased data analysis.
  • Removes human involvement in making market calls.

Distribution Method: Fees are distributed evenly based on the amount of tokens in the wallets of members.