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Welcome to D4D.COM
Welcome to our small Clash of Clans family!
We are a WAR CLAN!

If you are new,
you need to tell a co-leader whether
you are ready to join us in war or not,
as soon as possible!

War Strategy
When in war, we expect all participants to follow strategy and use both attacks.
War strategy may change every war so it is posted in CLASH CALLER (www.clashcaller.com) before the war begins. War ID is posted in the CLAN MAIL a few hours before war begins. Winning a clan war is a team effort! Your 6 stars alone cannot win a clan war. So, those that do not follow the strategy will be kicked! We ask that first attacks be used as soon as possible. Secret word 1 is shadow. Please read the instructions at the top of clash caller. If you do not understand or have any questions, please ask a co-leader. Second attacks are determined by the results of the first attacks and will be assigned accordingly. When you are done attacking, please go back to clashcaller and enter the amount of stars you got.

If you have any questions or confused who you are supposed to attack, please ask first! If you need help with how to attack, please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than willing to help!

  1. WarStrategy is posted in CLASH CALLER a few hours before war begins. War ID is posted in the CLAN MAIL before every war.
  2. Both war attacks must be used.
  3. First attacks need to be used as soon as possible, preferably in first 6 hours, no later then 12 hours. If you can't attack right away, let us know when and be sure to attack at that time.
  4. War attacks must be with war troops, no barchering, no practicing, practice is done with raids not war.
  5. Make sure that you have complete troops, including clan castle troops, spells, and heroes when attacking.
  6. Always check in chat for last minute attack changes.
  7. Verify your attack target with strategy and chat prior to attacking.
  8. Once reliability has been shown, we can discuss holding certain attacks on a case by case basis.

In order to be clear as to which clan member attacks who in war, we use the website CLASH CALLER (www.clashcaller.com). Each war will have a unique War ID, which will be posted in the clan mail before each war begins. To access the war strategy and statistics, go to clashcaller.com, click on "JOIN WAR" and enter the War ID provided.

After each attack, please go back and enter how many stars you get from your attack by clicking under your name where it says "called."

Second attacks will be laid out after the majority of the first attacks has been done. If you have any questions, please ask a Co-leader or an Elder.

Elder and Co-leader Positions
Please do not ask us to promote you to Elder or Co-leader! Those positions are earned in this clan and not given freely. Secret phrase 2 is cold blooded. We will promote you when we feel you deserve it, which usually occurs if you stick around for 3+ wars and perform well.

Proper donation is a must! Please read donation requests and donate only what is being asked for. War donations means max level. If you do not have what is being asked for, do not donate or ask if they will accept an alternative. Secret word 3 is ridiculousness. We ask that you atleast donate 75% of what you receive. Do not be a leech!

Check out our forums! It's where we share attack strategies and base layout designs. We also post things there that we think will be helpful for all the clan members. Click here to visit our forums section.

We request that if you plan to stick around and war with us, you download the messaging app DISCORD. Ask one of our co-leaders for the server code. We use this to communicate war strategy and attack assignment, most especially when we need to get a hold of you and you are not present in COC chat. Secret phrase 5 is Clash On. This is a good way to reach you without having to exchange phone numbers.